7/10/2011 – Month 2, Day 7

Small update today. From now on, I’ll use the correct date for the post titles and I’ve seen some of you guys noticed a lack of updates this last week. About that, I decided to take a 1-week break from the project to get my pc up and running. That and the fact that I’m still thinking about doing weekly updates instead of daily, so you won’t end up reading small tweet-ish blog posts here rather than well crafted awesome content about the project.

Since today is a Sunday, and it usually is the “Recommendations day”, here, have this, courtesy of Mr. Klown:

Thank you for reading and see you next time!

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Day 29 – oh fuck


I guess this sums up everything. Fuck.

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Day 28 – Inspirations

There are these days full of real life crap that get in the way of the project. These are the non productive days. In these days, instead of apologising, I’ll post something that inspires me to keep going on, that inspires me to not stop. This is one of those things and goddammit it’s so beautiful.

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Day 27 – Bugs

So here’s the deal:

1. There are lots of bows for some odd reason and 2. These bows spawn an arrow each time I click to shoot, so yeah, lots of arrows are shot. Weird stuff happens nowadays huh?

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Day 26 – Recommendations day – Chapter 4

Let’s start today watching this:

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/25268139]

Watched it? Awesome huh? Can’t wait for the full movie. Now for more awesome stuff:

Ernest W. Adams’ No Twinkie! Database lists the most common and the most illogic design errors found in games. Check out the rest of this website too, it’s pretty good.

Well there you go, recommendations on recommendations day, see you later! 😛

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Day 25 – The Design Document

Hello fellow reader and welcome to diaryofgaming!

Did some bug solving, some feature testing, but more importantly, I decided to have different artistic styles for “diaryofgaming” and “project dog”. They’re not the same, but they’re firmly linked together. But “project dog” is only one project and, as you can see, there could be more! Who knows what will happen next? I already started to think in what I will do when the game, the documentation and everything else are “done” (they’ll never really be done due to the episodic nature I want it to have, but let’s say “done” is when I reach the release of the first episode or so) but as a lot of things here, this one depends heavily on things I cannot tell you right now or else I’d spoil the surprise.

I guess that’s it for today, see you tomorrow! 😀

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Day 24 – Milestones


no, wait, this isn’t the type of milestone I am going to talk about today (but I’ve got some androidfags really excited now, didn’t I ? heh). I’ve set some milestones based on gameplay progress, so, yeah, the first milestone is when I finish something like the bow mechanics. Should be interesting.

Oh yeah, and now, Mr. “basinga” (I really had no name for the placeholder and I didn’t want to call him “character placeholder, so yeah, “kkkk xD so nerde”) can shoot black death rays from his head, just like Cyclops from X-Men. Here is the promised screenshot:

That’s it for today, thank you so much for reading and see you tomorrow! 😀

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