Day 1 – Presentation

Hello and welcome to diaryofgaming! Inspired by mr. Klown‘s 365 day project, in which he takes a picture a day and shares them with the world, I will be studying Game Design. (And practicing my english skills, which you can see, are very poor for writing)This is a wishlist i have done for my game project. This is NOT a list that I want done in 365 days, but instead, just of the stuff I want this game to have.
  • Metroidvania Style (2D map with lots of exploration)
  • A fighting system that resembles the one found in The World Ends With You (You know, drawing your attacks in real time)
  • Expansible World via episodic downloads (You finish the game, download another chapter, your map gets bigger, your hometown expands, the story goes on…)
  • No character leveling system, but a weapon improvement system of some sorts (gotta think better about this one would work)
  • Different gameplay styles along with different weapons (See, you are wielding a staff, you’ll have more spells to cast on enemies, or if you have a bow, you’ll hit your enemies faster, etc)
  • Boss summoning, rather than the bosses appearing once in a specific place of the map
  • An awesome story (not written by me)
  • Challenges for the hardcore players, but an accessible game overall
  • FUN
Well, i guess that’s it for the day. Looks pretty ambicious and I know that I won’t be able to do it all (like no game does, after all). The things I really want it to have are in bold. Oh, that’s it for the day, thank you for reading!
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