Day 2 – Sketches, sketches, sketches.

Yeah, today, we had Konami’s “Pre-E3 Show”. Totally sucked, it was just a pre recorded video :/

So yeah, today I did some basic sketching for the project. Basic things like movement and how the weapons work.…6%2043%2007%20PM.jpg

This is my idea for the bow gameplay, you have the crosshair in this mode, you aim where you want to shoot, then you pull to adjust your strength and release the button to shoot.


No crosshair for this one, but instead, 3 states, active, where you hold the left mouse button and move the mouse to attack, defense, where you hold your right mouse button to defend automatically some attacks and idle, where you can run and dash freely.


Staff gameplay is somewhat of  a mix of Sword and Bow gameplay. Melee works just like the sword’s active mode, but you can run and dash in this, and in magic mode, you have a crosshair on screen, where you draw the spell to cast it.…2C%207%2002%2010%20PM.jpg

For the Rope description, just read the image 😛…5%2036%20PM.jpg

For this one too. Just something i’d like to add, double tap “A” or “D”

Well, these are just some unorganized and sketches i’ve done to include in the pitch document and to help me visualize how the barebones gameplay demo will actually work. That said, hope to see you tomorrow 😀


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