Day 5 – Recommendations day

Hello and welcome, once again, to diaryofgaming!

Today is sunday, not a very productive day, eh? And for that matter, I’ve decided that in sundays, I’ll be recommending awesome stuff that I stumbled upon in the week before. So here’s it, the first recommendation day. hope you like it 😀


Sloperama – Really helpful if you want to learn how to design a game

Escapist Magazine  – Especially the Extra Credits videos, but Zero Punctuation and Extra Punctuation are awesome too

GameProgramming Wiki – Great database on game programming. Another good game database


Rock Paper Shotgun – Mod Creation for Idiots by an Idiot – How difficult and demanding it actually is to get a great group of people to work on a mod or a game

GameDev.Net – So you have cool game ideas – About game ideas in general (By Cliff Bleszinski and Kenn Hoekstra!)

Escapist Magazine – Why Your Game Idea Sucks – Well, wanna know why it sucks so much? Read the article 😮

Podcasts: These are awesome, I won’t describe them. Just listen in your free time. 😀

Irrational Interviews – Randy Pitchford

Irrational Interviews – Cliff Bleszinski

That’s it for today. See you tomorrow!












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