Day 7 – The Nintendo Wii U

I, You, We, They. (There’s He, She and It too, but let’s not get onto that).

Oh E3, you were awesome. New Nintendo home Console, the Wii U, more Resident Evil footage, Battlefield 3, Rayman Origins, Playstation Vita and more. But now, it’s over, and we must get back to business. Yeah, I’d love to show you progress today, but I just can’t. It is story, documentation and progress related, so yeah, tomorrow maybe I can show you all something 😀

Well, at least I can provide you the soundtrack of my day.

Quick update:

I was thinking here, I read the first post and it isn’t clear there. This project isn’t a common 365 day project. Yes, I’ll post everyday. Yes, there are yearly milestones. But this? This is a multi-year project. I truly want to learn things, not to prove you can have an awesome game in a year or some shit like that. Hell, this game could even not be done, but the thing is, if I learn, then it’s a win. If not, then I lost it all, my time, my life, my dreams, everything.

Ah, and there’s more. Don’t expect a mountain of progress everyday. I won’t be detailing lots of aspects of it here, but feel free to ask.


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