Day 12 – Recommendations (part 2)

If you want some sort of greeting, read the last post ( Day 11 – Sleepiness ) because there’s where you’ll find them. So what, it was posted today (But it counts as yesterday, weird huh?). Go read your greeting there. And read the entire post to see what I was up to.

Here are today’s recommendations:

First, I’d like you all to read them while listening to this song:

And now to the actual recommendations.

WebDesignerDepot – Five lessons Mark Zuckerberg taught us about business. – Not actually game related, but somewhat project and business related. Apart from the 5th item (which is kinda weird for gaming, but could be changed to something else, not really useful but something you are proud of or the like. It’s not like non academic books or hollywood movies are useful to everyone)

Some books that you might want to read if you’re interested in this – Yes, ebooks. Guess it’s better to read these as they are than go out and do some drugs.

More on “where do I start” for videogames, but this time, with a different approach.

EscapistMagazine – Extra Credits: Our Oscars — This week’s extra credits talks about how what this industry needs is a true oscar-like celebration. Not some marketing ploy like Spike’s VGAs or similar.

Another non gaming related, but really awesome recommendation is this series pilot here, 3% is a science fiction made in Brazil. Check their work out, it’s better than most crap brazilian tv puts out there.

Well, guess that’s it for this week. Lots of books for everybody there, have fun!


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