Days 21,22,23 – Slow hospitals, sickness and medication

First of all, I’d like to apologise to all of you. I got sick the day I started redrawing the placeholder graphics so the game looked better even in this beta alpha gamma in development state, so I didn’t post any of the new designs. But then I realised I did some things wrong, some right and now I’m reorganizing the layouts. The previous layout configuration was something like this: “UI -> Weather -> Game -> Background”, but the majority of placeholders were in “Game”. The new layout organization goes like this now: “UI -> Foreground -> Background -> Backdrop”. Foreground is where the solid and platform objects are, and is where the game really takes place. Background is where the finished art is, and the backdrop is the true background, with the different scroll rate and all that stuff. I’ll post a screenshot later today (aka day 24), but for now, just have this wall of text 😀


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