Day 25 – The Design Document

Hello fellow reader and welcome to diaryofgaming!

Did some bug solving, some feature testing, but more importantly, I decided to have different artistic styles for “diaryofgaming” and “project dog”. They’re not the same, but they’re firmly linked together. But “project dog” is only one project and, as you can see, there could be more! Who knows what will happen next? I already started to think in what I will do when the game, the documentation and everything else are “done” (they’ll never really be done due to the episodic nature I want it to have, but let’s say “done” is when I reach the release of the first episode or so) but as a lot of things here, this one depends heavily on things I cannot tell you right now or else I’d spoil the surprise.

I guess that’s it for today, see you tomorrow! 😀


About Redfield

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