Days 21,22,23 – Slow hospitals, sickness and medication

First of all, I’d like to apologise to all of you. I got sick the day I started redrawing the placeholder graphics so the game looked better even in this beta alpha gamma in development state, so I didn’t post any of the new designs. But then I realised I did some things wrong, some right and now I’m reorganizing the layouts. The previous layout configuration was something like this: “UI -> Weather -> Game -> Background”, but the majority of placeholders were in “Game”. The new layout organization goes like this now: “UI -> Foreground -> Background -> Backdrop”. Foreground is where the solid and platform objects are, and is where the game really takes place. Background is where the finished art is, and the backdrop is the true background, with the different scroll rate and all that stuff. I’ll post a screenshot later today (aka day 24), but for now, just have this wall of text 😀

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Day 20 – Want some fries with that?

Today, this a new stage of history in this project. This is the first working main menu. It’s different from the sketches on my wall, but I only noticed when I was done with it. Made it really fast as I had examples on how to do it. Obviously, since this is the first, it’s not final, so don’t be worried.

And there is more. As you can see, I didn’t post anything on Day 18 because Kaskade was so astonishing at Skol Sensation. Ok, not because of that, but it is true that I didn’t post day 18. So, here, have a foggy screenshot of the game as it is of now.

I guess that’s it for today. Thank you for reading, I know you’re not a large group of readers, so, really, I must thank you from the heart. Feel free to send me any of your projects and I’ll gladly read/watch and comment them.

See you tomorrow! 🙂


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Day 19 – Afterparty (Or Recommendations Day part 3)

After the club is the afterparty, after the party is the hotel lobby, and after that you know it’s diamond crisp, and after that I say excuse me miss (…)

Without any sort of existential crisis, today is the 19th of June, the day after Skol Sensation! Kaskade was astonishing, Above and Beyond were amazing and Roger Sanchez is awesome. Now back to the good part(wait, wrong song), just watch this. This is my recommendation for today.

Minecraft – 2 Player Productions

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Day 17 – Invisible Title

Hi guys, Mauricio Cardozo bringing the lastest news on Project Dog here.

I managed to do a bright sun, which kinda is just a really yellowish filter, I know how to proceed to do the fog and I’d post a screenshot and stuff, but I’m not feeling well today. I won’t post any tomorrow because, well, I’m going to Skol Sensation and oh wow KASKADE !! (Plus Roger Sanchez, Above and Beyond, Sander Van Doorn and Mr. White)

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Day 16 – Weather Effects?

Hello once again and welcome to diaryofgaming, the best blog I write. (And the only one)

So here’s the deal, I’m thinking about something more specific than making the gameplay better or whatever. Today I’m here talking about weather effects. I think I know how to implement fog or a really bright sun, but rain and snow are bugging me. There is no way to create animated tiled backgrounds and I saw some Construct made examples that show effects such as rain and snow.

More on that tomorrow. See you later!

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Day 15 – First!!!11 (Again?)

Hello and welcome to Mauricio Cardozo’s Epic adventure. No, wait, it’s diaryofgaming. My bad 😦

I posted the first placeholder graphic some days ago, the player placeholder. Now, I present you, the first Screenshot! It is kinda weird and it probably looks like those cars that are painted so that you can’t really see how they look like. Well, here it is:

It’s movement and the enemy (that 3WM (NME) placeholder sitting next to it) kinda works, the health meter “works” too. It’s interesting to see how the game, when being developed, looks shitty almost all the time, and this is only the start 😀

See you tomorrow!

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Day 14 – aw crap

tl;dr studying for bases matemáticas test

edit on day 20: this is completely fake, I was finishing assassins creed 2 and didn’t want you guys to know the real truth

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