Day 13 – FIRST!!111

I’ll cut the small talk today and instead I’ll just show you this:

Yes, the Player placeholder. We’re making progress here, see?

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Day 12 – Recommendations (part 2)

If you want some sort of greeting, read the last post ( Day 11 – Sleepiness ) because there’s where you’ll find them. So what, it was posted today (But it counts as yesterday, weird huh?). Go read your greeting there. And read the entire post to see what I was up to.

Here are today’s recommendations:

First, I’d like you all to read them while listening to this song:

And now to the actual recommendations.

WebDesignerDepot – Five lessons Mark Zuckerberg taught us about business. – Not actually game related, but somewhat project and business related. Apart from the 5th item (which is kinda weird for gaming, but could be changed to something else, not really useful but something you are proud of or the like. It’s not like non academic books or hollywood movies are useful to everyone)

Some books that you might want to read if you’re interested in this – Yes, ebooks. Guess it’s better to read these as they are than go out and do some drugs.

More on “where do I start” for videogames, but this time, with a different approach.

EscapistMagazine – Extra Credits: Our Oscars — This week’s extra credits talks about how what this industry needs is a true oscar-like celebration. Not some marketing ploy like Spike’s VGAs or similar.

Another non gaming related, but really awesome recommendation is this series pilot here, 3% is a science fiction made in Brazil. Check their work out, it’s better than most crap brazilian tv puts out there.

Well, guess that’s it for this week. Lots of books for everybody there, have fun!

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Day 11 – Sleepiness

Hello guys, welcome again to this silly project blog 😀

Hmm, Saturday. Oh, Saturday! Saturday was an exhaustive day. Even though I did develop some ideas, when I got home, I was too sleepy to post them, so here they aren’t.

Yes, they aren’t. Once again, just like day 10, Story ideas. No guys, sorry 😦

But, since today really is Day 12, not 11, today is the day for Recommendations part 2. See you in the next post!

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Day 10 – Doin’ some tuts

Hi! Sorry I forgot to post this yesterday, but yeah, overwhelmed with assignments and stuff, I did some interesting tutorials, and here they are:

Yeah, that’s it for “today” (Today as in Day 10, but the real today is day 11 yeah). Thank you all and see you next time.






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Day 9 – Confidential


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Day 8 – Game Engine

Welcome, once again, to project diaryofgaming!

Since Day 1, I was searching for a pre-built game engine (since the focus of the project isn’t the low level programming and such) and I think I found the one I want to use. I present to you all: Scirra Construct

After seeing some examples of what could be done with it, I was sold to the idea of using this platform. It’s free, it’s open source and it, with the right amount of effort, can have great games. See some examples for yourself:

Bottom Project:

And, from the same developer of the Bottom Project, Yokai:

Now, I just need to do some fun tests with savesystems and the like to determine if this is truly the engine I want to build with. I’ll update you guys later on the next days, but for now, I’m learning how to use it.

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Day 7 – The Nintendo Wii U

I, You, We, They. (There’s He, She and It too, but let’s not get onto that).

Oh E3, you were awesome. New Nintendo home Console, the Wii U, more Resident Evil footage, Battlefield 3, Rayman Origins, Playstation Vita and more. But now, it’s over, and we must get back to business. Yeah, I’d love to show you progress today, but I just can’t. It is story, documentation and progress related, so yeah, tomorrow maybe I can show you all something 😀

Well, at least I can provide you the soundtrack of my day.

Quick update:

I was thinking here, I read the first post and it isn’t clear there. This project isn’t a common 365 day project. Yes, I’ll post everyday. Yes, there are yearly milestones. But this? This is a multi-year project. I truly want to learn things, not to prove you can have an awesome game in a year or some shit like that. Hell, this game could even not be done, but the thing is, if I learn, then it’s a win. If not, then I lost it all, my time, my life, my dreams, everything.

Ah, and there’s more. Don’t expect a mountain of progress everyday. I won’t be detailing lots of aspects of it here, but feel free to ask.

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